Bendigo Pottery Made for Hospitality

Elegant and durable tableware


Gracing the tables of Australia’s finest restaurants

We supply elegant and durable tableware to the hospitality sector. Our handmade Australian pottery can be found in the finest establishments around the country.

Selected to serve

All of our pottery is crafted to exacting standards and fired at over 1200 degrees, resulting in a durable commercial-grade finish across the range

Bendigo Pottery Handcrafted Hospitality Stoneware

Handcrafted quality with true stoneware durability

Our dinnerware and tableware combines handcrafted quality with commercial-grade durability, fired at over 1200 degrees to create a robust finish that can withstand the rigour of demanding hospitality environments. Crafted to exacting standards, our pieces achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality.

Hospitality Stoneware Bulk Orders

Bulk order discounts for full restaurant fit-outs

Need to order a complete fit out for your cafe or restaurant? We are able to offer commercial discounts on our products to owners and managers of hospitality establishments. Our products are unique, so pricing will depend on the pieces selected and the volume required. Please contact us for details.

Customised Ceramics for Hospitality

Customised ceramics to match your branding

We hand make all of our pottery on-site, so we are able to offer customised ceramics to our hospitality and corporate clients. Our production team can work with you to create colours and shades that match your business branding, or to coordinate our dinnerware with your existing interior style and colour palette.

Bendigo Pottery Additional Pieces Available on Demand

Additional pieces available as needed

If you need extra pieces to add to your existing dinnerware or tableware set we are able to provide these as required. We can replicate the exact style and colour of your existing tableware, so that new pieces will match your existing stock perfectly. We’ll work with you to create the style and volume that you need.

State of the art manufacturing

Steeped in history and brimming with hidden gems; visit Bendigo Pottery

Spend the day at Bendigo Pottery and take a step back in time.

Explore the richness of Bendigo Pottery’s unique heritage, while also enjoying hands-on activities, demonstrations, historical displays, ceramics gallery, food, dining and shopping opportunities.

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