School Activities at Bendigo Pottery

Ideal for school groups, Bendigo Pottery offers a range of educational themes relating to art, history, and society. CLOSED ON TUESDAYS.

Excursion Activities

Wheel Throwing demonstration

Watch our skilled potters at work

A skilled potter demonstrating the art of Hand Throwing is the first stop for all activities at Bendigo Pottery. Children are encouraged to recognise and value the cultural forms and traditions that constitute artistic heritage. No charge.

Clay Play

Hand building

Discover the art of hand moulding using a variety of techniques. This activity suits all ages. Clay play kits are $5.00 each and include the clay and take home container.

Interpretive Museum

A step back in time...

Featuring a theatre inside a restored wood fired kiln, there are soundscapes, early film footage, a collection of manufacturing equipment and early Bendigo Pottery, timeline of the pottery's development and views into some of the current production areas. Entry is $4.00 per student.

Activity Prices

  • Clay play with potter's demonstration - $5.00 per student
  • Museum entry plus clay play - $9.00 per student

Please note that Wheel-Throwing classes are unavailable at the moment. They will return in the future at a date to be announced. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

To book an activity or make an inquiry, phone us on 0354484404 or email to

    Education Reference Material

    "Bendigo Pottery A Selection of Wares from 1858-1990" - Ken Arnold

    "Bendigo Pottery" - Paul Scholes

    "Australian Pottery, the First 100 Years" - Geoff Ford

    "Bendigo Pottery with Valuations" - Ken Arnold

    "Bendigo Pottery" - Dennis O'Hoy

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