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Corporate Products

Promotional products to advertise your business

Bendigo Pottery make a wide range of promotional products that allows customers to promote their business with high quality, Australian made, collectable products.

While mugs are the most common product used for promoting businesses, company logos can be applied to most item in our range of products including port crocks, plates, bowls and steins.

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Promote your business with a gift that is used by your customer at least 3 times per day.

"We have been using Bendigo Pottery mugs to promote our business
for 10 years and use them as our main form of promotion"
- Kevin Hunt, Harvest Engineering


Show your appreciation to guest speakers with a quality mug decorated with your club logo.

"Bendigo Pottery mugs have been an ideal gift to present our guest speakers and
have been in high demand from club members"
- Jane Cleary, Bendigo Field Naturalists Club

Commemorate special occasions, events and anniversaries with a special edition mug. Present a practical quality trophy that can either be proudly displayed or regularly used.

Conferences and Events

Give conference delegates or event patrons a constant reminder of your conference or event that will be continually used for many years to come

"The Bendigo Pottery mugs we gave to each conference delegate were a real hit with many delegates
using them during the conference"
- Joe Gentile, National Ceramics Conference

Restaurant Crockery which can have the restaurant logo applied.

We have a full range of tableware which can be hand decorated or have the restaurant's logo applied.

Custom made ceramic products in large or small quantities. For a quotation send a photo or drawing with dimensions of the item required so we can prepare a quotation.

Examples of custom products made include light fittings, beer fonts, novelty port crocks, soap holders and dinnerware.

Gas Bottles
Water Bags
Lamp Shade


146 Midland Highway, Epsom
VIC 3551 Australia

Telephone: +61 3 5448 4404
Facsimile: +61 3 5448 4873
Email: info@bendigopottery.com.au

Postal Address : PO Box 30, Epsom Vic 3551 Australia